A place to unwind.

Εύ Ζήν (pron. "ev zeen") is an Ancient Greek phrase meaning "good life". The Εύ Ζήν Wellbeing Centre (or Symi Wellbeing Centre) was created as a special 'resting place' for locals and travellers. Our goal is to foster an empowered, healthy and mindful community.

Established in 2015, the Centre offers alternative, transformative methods of health and healing, such as yoga, pilates, massage, reiki and pranic healing, and workshops exploring alternative health and spiritual awakening.

Located on idyllic Symi, a picturesque Greek island with spectacular architecture and natural beauty, doors open every morning and periodically throughout the day for all to enjoy the calming, cool space for free meditation. Teachers from around the world visit the centre throughout the year to teach various types of yoga, or share their knowledge of both physical and spiritual wellbeing.



  • Yoga (private & group classes)
  • Aerial Yoga (private class)
  • Pilates (private & group classes)
  • Massage (various types available)
  • Reiki & Pranic Healing
  • Meditation
  • Empath Readings
  • Astrological Card Readings
  • Astrological Charts & Yearly Forecasts
  • Weekly workshops are held at the Centre covering a variety of subjects about alternative health of body, mind and spirit.
  • Retreats are held at the Centre throughout the year. The Centre is also available to teachers and retreat planners around the world wishing to host their retreat with us.