Eleni Mandani’s visit to Symi and the Wellbeing Centre from the 7th - 12th September 2018 was a success on so many levels!

Starting with an introductory discussion, Eleni explained the workings of the brain, metaphysical truths, and how QHHT works to bring healing and transformation to each individual, based on where they currently are in their life and what they require. The discussion ended in a group regression whereby participants, whilst in Theta state, went on their own journey of self discovery.

Private sessions were also conducted by Eleni which were a huge success, after feedback from clients that their session had given them the insight they needed at this point on their journey to clear and heal, sometimes clarifying their divine purpose for this lifetime.

We thank Eleni for her presence, teachings, light and special ‘messages’ while she was here, and look forward to welcoming her back again next summer for a much anticipated retreat that she will hold in the Centre.

Rachael Skerry-Papacalodouca